Wiz and Bionic partner to scale cloud and application security posture

Wiz and Bionic

Secure Cloud Applications at Scale

We’ve partnered with Wiz to unify cloud and application security posture management. 

See and Secure Everything.

Start with Wiz’s best-in-class cloud security for your cloud infrastructure, OS, workloads, and container scans. Now add and integrate Bionic's unique application visibility and context of services, APIs, dependencies, and data flows. No more blind spots in your security posture.

See Cloud Threats with Application and Business Context.

Understand how cloud, infrastructure, OS, and workload issues that Wiz detects affect your applications. Use Bionic's application map to see how all services, APIs, dependencies, and data flows to create real business risk.

Know which Apps and Sensitive Data is at Risk.

See threats in order of what creates the most risk based on violation severity, exploitability, and proximity to sensitive data. Fix the threats that create the most business risk first.

Seamless Integration between Cloud Security and Application Security.

Provide your engineering teams with continuous feedback on critical risks. Bionic has bi-directional integration with Wiz to automate user workflows, and integrates with your DevOps tools ecosystem (e.g. JIRA, ServiceNow, Jenkins) to automate actions.

Why Wiz and Bionic?


Wiz agentless scanning provides immediate visibility into your cloud inventory. 

Bionic agentless scanning provides immediate visibility into your application and API inventory. 



Wiz scans your entire cloud infrastructure and gives you full visibility to anything that runs in it.

Bionic scans all of the application artifacts, giving you a holistic application architecture diagram of all services, data flows, dependencies, and APIs.


Both Wiz and Bionic integrations takes less than 5 minutes, you’ll have unified coverage in minutes.


Both Wiz and Bionic require minimal configuration and maintenance, with rapid time-to-value and adoption.