Reduce Critical Vulnerabilities by 95% with Application Context


Know The Business Risk Behind Every Threat.

Know which threats are exploitable and impact your business. Reduce vulnerability counts by 95%.

"We prioritize threats based on business impact"

Fix The Threats That Impact Your Business.

Manage Security with Business Context

→ See every application, microservice, and API dependency

→ See every sensitive data flow (PII, PCI, PHI)

→ Contextualize vulnerabilities, attack surfaces, and threats

Score Risk Based
on Business Impact

→ Bionic’s unique risk scoring evaluates 3 key things:

  • Threat severity (e.g. CVSS score)
  • Environment exploitability (e.g., internet-facing)
  • Business impact (e.g., dependencies and sensitive data flows)

→ Focus on 2% of threats that represent 90% of your app security posture

→ Reduce engineering tickets and TOIL overnight with Bionic

Contextualize Threats From Your Existing Tools

→ Bionic can ingest threats from your existing AppSec and Cloud Security tools so you can enrich your application security posture view.

→ Bionic integrates with:

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools like Snyk
  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools like Veracode
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools like Wiz
  • and many more

Reduce Vulnerability
Counts by 95%

→ Bionic continuously analyzes your application security posture for every application code or configuration change.

→ Detect and score critical risks like:

  • Zero-Day and Critical CVEs (e.g. Log4J)
  • Unauthenticated APIs
  • Unencrypted Communication
  • Hardcoded Secrets
  • Architecture Drift and more…

→ Empower engineering teams with real-time visibility of how secure and resilient their applications are in production.

How Does Bionic Work?

How Bionic Integrates

Agentless Integration Via Cloud Provider APIs in Minutes

→ Bionic uses standard open APIs and permissions to scan apps in the cloud. 

→ Bionic is triggered whenever your apps or environments change.

→ Initial scan can take 10-30 minutes depending on size of your apps. 


How Bionic Collects

If It's In Production,
It's In Bionic.

→ Deployed application binaries, packages, and artifacts 

→ Latest application run-time configuration, and manifests

→ Latest cloud configuration and environment variables

Manage Security with Business Context.