Next-Gen Threat Modeling.

Automated. Continuous. Complete.

Bionic continuously scans your applications after every code change to ensure that you have a complete
and up-to-date model of your applications and their associated threats.

Traditional Threat Modeling Tools Don't Cut It.

Understanding applications rely on manual and inaccurate docs, Visio diagrams, JIRA tickets, and questionnaires. It is nearly impossible to keep a threat model up-to-date with aggressive CI/CD pipeline releases.

Complex Applications = No Room for Guesswork

Applications are difficult to understand and visualize, so teams rely on docs and tools to manually visualize application architectures and data flows. These diagrams are never accurate and can lead to poorly executed threat modeling.

Want to Automate Threat Modeling?

Automated Application Architecture Maps & Models

Bionic hooks into your CI/CD pipelines and scans your applications at the code-level. Essentially, it is performing comprehensive static analysis and gathers insights about all of your applications in real-time, leaving no room for false-positives.

Visualize Internet-Facing Services & 3rd Party APIs

Bionic enables you to identify all internet-facing services, 3rd party APIs, and application dependencies so you can create a more comprehensive plan and scope threat modeling with a high degree of accuracy to mitigate risk.​

Query Application Inventory & Perform What-If Analysis.

Bionic uses a customizable query engine that has out-of-the-box security policies to allow your team to model potential threats & identify critical security risks across your entire application ecosystem.

JIRA Ticket Integration

Notify Your Teams of Critical Attack Surfaces & Potential Threats.

Bionic integrates with your ticketing and communication tools so that you can notify the appropriate teams to remediate high severity issues as they are discovered.

What Makes Bionic Unique


Bionic plugs into your CI/CD pipelines and collects all of your application artifacts, but never performs analysis in your environment, limiting the load on your system and providing results in minutes.



Bionic scans all of the application artifacts and does not rely on user activity, so it provides you with a holistic application architecture diagram of all services, data flows, dependencies, and APIs. 


Bionic is simple to setup and simple to use. With only a 5-minute install, Bionic can hook into your current security and development processes to provide you with visibility you don’t have today.


Bionic is passive and runs each time a code change is made, providing you with automated and continuous application visibility.

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Bionic can close the gap in your security strategy by providing you code-level visibility that helps prevent attacks from happening.