Why Bionic Built ASPM

A story about how the founding members of startup companies are always fascinating. You get to step into the shoes (and minds) of the founders to see what their vision was compared to what the product looks like now.

Watch Bionic CEO and Co-founder, Idan Ninyo, talk about our journey of building Bionic at GPSec Northeast at Gillette Stadium.

Key takeaways

  • The best products always start with a problem that you are trying to solve. In our case, Idan and Eyal (our Co-founders) started by listening to the top CISOs/CIOs of the Fortune 500
  • Based on what they heard from these security leaders, their #1 pain point was the long and painful journey of cloud migration (along with all of the potential business risks that come along with it)
  • As you migrate your applications to the cloud, how do you gain visibility into what you have migrated? As you create new code, how do you validate that what you architected was correctly developed and deployed in production? (concept of Architecture Drift)