Reduce Critical Application Risks in Production

Bionic uses an agentless approach to collect all of your application artifacts to give you complete visibility into each service, dependency, and dataflow.

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How Bionic Works

Bionic uses an agentless process to integrate through standard APIs and queries your application runtime environments. Click each section to learn more about how Bionic works.

Reduce Critical Application Risk by 95%

Bionic eliminates noise by 95% and tells you the top business risks that can be exploited in your application.

Continuous Coverage

Bionic continuously collects artifacts from your application as it changes and creates an always up-to-date inventory of every service, message broker, and database.

Discover deployed applications across all environments

Benchmark your entire application architecture: all APIs, dependencies, and data flows

Detect all critical application changes and drift based on your benchmarks

App Inventory

Detect Critical Application Risks

Bionic integrates into CI/CD pipelines and detects critical application risks in production.

Detect application architecture drift, critical security risks, and potential data exposure

Visualize application architecture and prioritize application risks based on business context

Create automated policies & notification processes to streamline remediation

Analyze Code Vulnerabilities with Context

Bionic analyzes your code, checks for critical CVEs, and provides deeper insights into the blast radius of potential attack surfaces. Bionic then prioritizes vulnerabilities based on the context of the overall application architecture and environment.

Use Bionic's out-of-the-box policies to determine criticality of CVEs, CWEs, architectural risk, and data breaches

Create customized policies to prioritize architecture risk based on your company's security standards

Notify the appropriate teams with proper remediation best practices

See Bionic in action

See the Bionic Application Security Posture Management Platform in action, live with a Bionic expert.