Get Complete Visibility of

Complex Monoliths.

Bionic maps complex monoliths and inventories every service, API, data flow, and dependency
so you can migrate to the cloud with complete transparency.

Modernization Projects Shouldn't Take 3 Years.

Cloud migrations rely on application documentation, Visio diagrams, JIRA tickets, and questionnaires to scope. This process is incredibly manual, takes months, and isn't 100% accurate, which leads to delays, risk, and downtime.

APM Tools & CMDBs Only Give Partial Visibility.

Monitoring tools like APM only map applications based on usage behavior, and don't show every service, API, dependency, and data flow that may exist in your application. CMDBs are well....CMDBs....they rarely more than 50% accurate.

Manual Application Mapping Can Take Months.

Bionic Visualizes Complex Apps in Minutes.

Code-Driven Application Architecture Maps​

In order to get a complete picture of your application, you must scan the application artifacts. Bionic provides complete visibility of your application architecture so that you no longer have to rely on manual documentation.

Visualize All Services, Dependencies, APIs, and Data Flows.

Missing a single dependency during a cloud migration can result in devastating downtime or security risks. Bionic enables you to identify all of the application dependencies so you can safely scope cloud migrations.

Continuous Application Visibility Post-Cloud Migration

Once you successfully complete a cloud migration, your application development journey is just beginning. Bionic automatically scans your applications after every change, giving you the real-time visibility your team needs to mitigate risk.

What Makes Bionic Unique


Bionic connects to your provisioning tools and collects all of your application artifacts, but never performs analysis in your environment, limiting the load on your system and providing results in minutes.



Bionic scans all of the application artifacts and does not rely on user activity, so it provides you with a holistic application architecture diagram of all services, data flows, dependencies, and APIs. 


Bionic is simple to setup and simple to use. With only a 5-minute install, Bionic can hook into your current processes to provide you with visibility you don’t have today.


Bionic is passive and runs each time a code change is made, providing you with automated and continuous application visibility.

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Bionic can give you code-level visibility your team needs to successfully scope cloud migrations.