Reduce Critical Vulnerabilities by 95% with Application Context


Analyze All Cloud Application Dependencies.

See the impact of every dependency in your cloud applications.

"Our CMDB & docs are accurate for cloud apps"

Discover & Manage All Application Dependencies.

Map All Your Cloud Application Dependencies.

→ See every application, microservice, and API dependency

→ Map every cloud provider, region, and availability zone

→ Identify every single point of failure (SPOF) and break point 


Keep ServiceNow CMDB Accurate with Bionic.

→ Bionic integrates with your ServiceNow CMDB so you can keep your asset inventory accurate and up to data as your cloud applications and apis change.

Eliminate Cloud Architecture Anti-Patterns

→ Apply Bionic cloud-native or custom policies to enforce application architecture best practices.

→ Detect architecture anti-patterns like:

  • Shared databases for microservices
  • Hardcoded parameters or secrets
  • Local state object persistence 

Accurate and Searchable SBOMs

→ Bionic creates a software bill of materials (SBOM) for each application service in your environment.

→ A Bionic SBOM consists of:

  • used libraries and frameworks (software composition analysis)
  • upstream and downstream API dependencies
  • used certificates
  • used message queues and topics
  • used database instances, tables, and columns
  • application run-time configuration and meta-data
  • container orchestration configuration and manifests
  • Environment variables

How Does Bionic Work?

How Bionic Integrates

Agentless Integration Via Cloud Provider APIs in Mins

→ Bionic uses standard open APIs and permissions to scan apps in the cloud. 

→ Bionic is triggered whenever your apps or environments change.

→ Initial scan can take 10-30 minutes depending on size of your apps. 


How Bionic Collects

If It's In Production,
It's In Bionic.

→ Deployed application binaries, packages, and artifacts 

→ Latest application run-time configuration, and manifests

→ Latest cloud configuration and environment variables

Make Cloud Applications Resilient with Bionic.