Reduce Critical Vulnerabilities by 95% with Application Context


Which Apps and APIs Leak Sensitive Data?

Bionic Knows.

"We have visibility into which application and API changes leak sensitive data"

See every Change and Leak with Bionic

Map Your Sensitive Application Data Flows

→ Auto-discover and map your PII, PCI, and PHI data flows

→ See which application services and API access sensitive data

→ Learn which sensitive data is sent to 3rd parties

bionic map

See Every Exploitable Data Exposure

→ Bionic continuously analyzes your application security posture for every application code or configuration change.

→ Detect and score critical risks like:

  • Zero-Day and Critical CVEs (e.g. Log4J)
  • Unauthenticated APIs
  • Unencrypted Communication
  • Hardcoded Secrets
  • Architecture Drift and more…

→ Empower engineering teams with real-time visibility of how secure and resilient their applications are in production.

Score Data Privacy Risk

→ Bionic’s unique risk scoring evaluates 3 key things:

  • Threat severity (e.g. CVSS score)
  • Environment exploitability (e.g., internet-facing)
  • Business impact (e.g., dependencies and sensitive data flows)

→ Focus on 2% of threats that represent 90% of your app security posture

→ Reduce engineering tickets and TOIL overnight with Bionic



Compliance Policies for GDPR and more

→ Bionic comes with out of the box compliance policies for industry regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

→ Bionic ensures that sensitive data flows in applications and APIs have :

  • Encrypted communication
  • Authentication
  • Compliance with geo restrictions (e.g. GPDR EU and non-EU data flows)
  • Hardcoded secrets and re-used credentials

How Does Bionic Work?

How Bionic Integrates

Agentless Integration Via Cloud Provider APIs in Mins

→ Bionic uses standard open APIs and permissions to scan apps in the cloud. 

→ Bionic is triggered whenever your apps or environments change.

→ Initial scan can take 10-30 minutes depending on size of your apps. 


How Bionic Collects

If It's In Production,
It's In Bionic.

→ Deployed application binaries, packages, and artifacts 

→ Latest application run-time configuration, and manifests

→ Latest cloud configuration and environment variables

Cloud Application Data Security is Simple with Bionic.