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Why I’m Joining Bionic as Chief Revenue Officer

The startup world is on fire and the DevSecOps space even more so. With nearly every company fighting for talent, I chose to join Bionic, the Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) company, as their first Chief Revenue Officer. Here’s why.

Before Bionic

Before I joined Bionic, I was Chief Operating Officer at AppDynamics, the worldwide leader in technology that powers the Internet. I also had the privilege to lead various sales teams at AppDynamics, including the Americas team, which was the largest in the company with nearly 500 sales staff and support personnel. Before that, I led global and regional sales and operations teams for Medallia, Clarabridge (Qualtrics), Motionsoft, Saba Software, and Plateau Systems. I specialize in developing startups into high-growth customer capture machines, leading to blockbuster exits totaling north of $2.6 billion.

It was important that my next venture was focused on connecting customers to technology that can elevate their business. With my background in selling groundbreaking, emerging cloud and cloud-native technology, I wanted to join a company that would service global customers in a better and more evolved way. I looked at nearly 40 leading pre-IPO software companies before choosing Bionic.

Why Bionic

I chose Bionic first and foremost, because I believe in the vision of the senior leadership team, particularly co-founders Idan Ninyo and Eyal Mamo, and the investors who deeply back Bionic’s mission. Simply, they weren’t just folks who put money into a sector. It was also imperative that I joined a company that had a critical business impact – a company that wasn’t just “a better mousetrap,” but would be part of a generational movement for companies as the cloud space continues to evolve. 

There is nothing more business-critical for enterprises than identifying and mitigating risk. When thinking about the “big” generational movements in tech – the internet, SaaS, and cloud – these technologies have represented groundbreaking opportunities for business advancement, but also created net-new market sectors that bring on new risk.

For example, advancements in cloud and cloud-native have opened up the surface area of applications to new risks– new attack vectors, threat actors, and business risks beyond the scope of existing security tools and processes that focus on infrastructure and the network. Bionic has created a game-changing technology to address this gap. 

Bionic’s agentless ASPM product provides unique visibility into the security, data privacy, and operational risk of applications running at scale in production. Bionic is uniquely positioned to help companies secure what wasn’t anticipated and proactively identify the risks and vulnerabilities from pre-prod to production environments. Having worked in enterprise tech for a long time, choosing Bionic was a no-brainer. 

And the market agrees: less than two years out of stealth, we have seen a 700% increase in ARR with customer sign-ons from Advanced, Aston Martin, Chipotle, FalconX, Inspire Brands, and several of the world’s largest banks, pharmaceuticals, insurance providers, sports leagues, and automotive manufacturers. 

My Goal for Bionic

My goal is for Bionic to be used by every company in every sector across the globe. To help me do that, I’m looking to hire an expert team as soon as possible. Right now we are focused on sales and engineering positions. If you’re ready to change the world of DevSecOps, I’m always up for a chat. 

Let’s go!

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