Bionic’s Next Chapter – We’re Being Acquired by CrowdStrike!

When Bionic was founded in 2019, our mission was to help enterprises get control of their application chaos. At the time, this was seen as unorthodox because other vendors focused on securing infrastructure, not apps. Most companies we spoke to claimed to have CNAPP but had no idea what was happening inside their code. We needed to convince them they could not secure what they couldn’t see. We created Bionic to address this gap, with a platform that gives customers a full picture of what their applications encompass and a clear understanding of the risk that comes with complex architectures, frequent changes, and varying levels of criticality to the business. Today, I’m excited to announce an important next step in that journey.

Bionic is being acquired by cybersecurity leader CrowdStrike, which provides an advanced cloud-native platform for protecting endpoints, cloud workloads, identities, and data. The Bionic team, including myself and my co-founder Eyal Mamo, will join CrowdStrike to lead a business unit focused on cloud. The Bionic platform enables customers to discover everything inside in your applications, contextualize your application view, and prioritize risk based on business impact. We will accelerate investment in the Bionic roadmap while creating an integrated CrowdStrike and Bionic portfolio that works together to unify and dominate cloud and application security. Read more about the first step in our integration here. 

Why is this the right time for this move? Simply put, because securing the cloud has never been more critical than now. As organizations focus on managing remote and hybrid teams while navigating an uncertain global economy, adversaries have become more sophisticated, relentless, and damaging in their attacks. According to CrowdStrike’s 2023 Global Threat Report, cloud exploitation grew by 95% from 2022 to 2023, and the number of cases involving ‘cloud-conscious’ threat actors nearly tripled year-over-year – more evidence adversaries are increasingly targeting cloud environments.

If an enterprise wants to secure its entire cloud and application estate, it needs the most complete cloud security platform today. Combining Bionic and CrowdStrike’s native CNAPP functionality will give customers unmatched frictionless security across their cloud estate and help us become the undisputed leader in cloud and application security. The market is accelerating, and our efforts need to accelerate as well.

We partnered with CrowdStrike because we’re equally focused on product excellence. Bionic defined the ASPM market and is used and loved by the biggest brands in the world, including Aston Martin, Chipotle, Freddie Mac, and HP Enterprise. CrowdStrike is one of the fastest-growing enterprise IT companies in history. Our products solve the toughest challenges facing enterprise IT teams today. 

To our customers: Thank you for putting your trust in us and for continuing on this innovation journey with us. Your faith in us will be repaid many times over as we partner with CrowdStrike to amplify further our capabilities to provide you with an unrelenting application security solution.

To our ecosystem of partners: You provide indispensable value to Bionic and our customers. You are unequivocally part of this success, and I look forward to continuing that work together as we expand the ASPM market together even faster.

To our employees: I offer a heartfelt thank you for your incredible skills, hard work, and dedication. Our success has your fingerprints all over it, and I look forward to our continued success and good times.

A special thanks to our investors, Insight Partners, Cyberstarts, and Battery Ventures. None of this would be possible without your support and guidance.

Looking back at the last four years, I couldn’t be more proud of all that Bionic has accomplished. And I can’t wait for the next four. I hope you’ll join us on this journey.


Idan Ninyo, CEO & Co-Founder, Bionic

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