Introducing Billy The Bionic Bulldog

Every security startup needs a superhero.

Snyk created the Dobermann. At Bionic, we created a badass bulldog.

Here’s the story…

He was just an ordinary bulldog from a small town in England, owned by a bad actor.

British Bionic Bulldog

Then one day, his owner left the back door open, and Billy escaped!

Bionic Bulldog escapes from front door

Billy was vulnerable and became exposed to lots of risks.

Billy the Bionic Bulldog in an alleyway

He was helpless when Dr. Rudy Wells found him and took him in.

Dr. Wells and Billy the Bionic Bulldog

Dr. Wells used his expertise in application security – and in creating the Bionic Man – to build a special suit for Billy.

Dr. Wells doing application security

The suit was equipped with security features to protect against any cyber threats that emerged at the application level.

Billy the Bionic Bulldog next to a machine

After putting on the suit, Dr. Wells noticed that Billy had developed super dog powers.

He was better, faster, and stronger than any other dog before him.

In fact, he emerged with the power to do Application Security Posture Management!

Billy the Bionic Bulldog

With his newfound powers, he could sniff out the most business-critical risks in production.

Billy the Bionic Bulldog in the platform

Thus began the story of the defender of applications and the champion of ASPM… Billy the Bionic Bulldog!

ASPM champion

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