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How to Detect Architecture Drift

Bionic allows teams to detect, and manage application drift in real-time. Drift in this context doesn’t relate to infrastructure as drift rarely occurs with infrastructure-as-code in ephemeral environments.

Bionic allows teams to quickly baseline and lock in their application architectures, so they have drift policies that can notify them in real-time should an architecture change.

For example, Bionic can detect things like new services, APIs, new libraries, ports, connections, dependencies, or even data flows that an application might start to exhibit from CI/CD deployments or code changes.

Bionic flags these drifts and provides full business and application context so your teams can start to prioritize the criticality of critical services or data flows that are impacted.

They can also visualize where each drift is occurring so teams see the full picture. Bionic is the only solution that can continuously analyze every line of code in your application every time a change is made.

This is what allows us to detect drift as it happens.

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