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How to Approach Data Privacy at the Application Layer

Bionic helps teams rapidly understand which applications and services are accessing PII, PCI, and other sensitive data sources.

Visualize with Business Context

For example, below we can see six business applications that Bionic has discovered along with 68 unique services, which are mapped showing their dependencies to databases. In seconds, we can filter this map to show all PII data sources across our application portfolio, along with every sensitive data flow being highlighted.

Bionic can automatically tag services and databases as PII or PCI based on what columns or data the application code is requesting. For example, let’s take a look at this tracker service, which connects to this DB2 PII database. At a glance, we can see its internet-facing has three high severity violations and is tagged as PII.

Let’s now view the actual data flow of the service and understand more details like the database tables, the services accessing and the high severity violations, which show this service is not using encrypted communication to access the DB2 PII database. This violation alone would fail several audits.

We can ask Bionic to show us the entire inventory of the service so we can go further and show all the tables and the exact data sets that have been accessed. Specifically the columns inside each database table and the exact line of code responsible. So in just one minute, we’ve identified all PII data sources in our portfolio, all relevant data flaws, and specific violations on these data sets that will cause us to fail data compliance or privacy audit.

Bionic is the only solution that can continuously scan your applications to provide this unique visibility into how sensitive data is being accessed by your applications and services. Learn more about how to improve data privacy with Bionic.

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