Bionic ASPM [Datasheet]

Agentless. Automated. Continuous.

Bionic creates a complete application security posture of applications running in production that maps all services, APIs, dependencies, attack surfaces, and data flows into a real-time architecture map.

Bionic integrates with your SCA (e.g. Snyk) and CSPM tools (e.g. Wiz, Prisma, Lacework) to unify and contextualize all your security alerts.

Application & API Security

Discover, map, and catalog all your application and API dependencies so you detect every exploitable CVE, attack surface, and threat.

Data Privacy & Compliance

Discover, map, and secure all your PII, PCI, and PHI data flows within your applications for GDPR, CCPA, and PCI compliance.

Architecture Drift

Baseline and govern application architecture drift as developers continuously deploy using their CI/CD pipelines.

Bionic Overview

Integrates in Minutes

Bionic uses an agentless approach to integrate with your cloud providers, apps, and DevOps tools in minutes.

Architecture Maps & Data Flows

Bionic builds a complete real-time application architecture map of all application services, APIs, dependencies, and sensitive data flows.

Application Security Posture

Bionic applies risk scoring to every application architecture, attack surface, and exploitable vulnerability that exists in production.

Bionic also integrates with your SCA and CSPM tools to unify and contextualize your security risks with application context.

Automate DevSecOps Workflows

Bionic integrates with all CI/CD pipelines and DevOps tools like Azure DevOps, JIRA, and ServiceNow.