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  • Broken authentication is a term for vulnerabilities in the authentication of systems that allows unauthorized access to user accounts and sensitive information. It occurs when the authentication process is flawed or improperly implemented, making it susceptible to exploitation by attackers. Broken authentication can occur for various reasons, including weak passwords, insecure password storage, session management […]

  • End-to-end application security programs are no longer optional but imperative. With security vulnerabilities skyrocketing and the growing sophistication of cyberattacks, organizations face the daunting challenge of figuring out which vulnerabilities pose the most risk to their business.  To address this pressing need, the Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC) concept has emerged as an approach […]

  • Applications and services rely on APIs to communicate with other applications and services. To facilitate these communications, API usage has grown rapidly over the past few years. In 2021, the global API management market was $2.8B, and it is expected to reach $41.5B by 2030. API growth also means attack surface expansion. APIs can be […]

  • What is API Authentication? API authentication is a process used to verify the identity of a client that is attempting to access an API. Once the identity of an API client is verified, API authorization ensures the client is allowed to access protected resources or perform privileged actions within the API.  Authentication is typically achieved […]