Detect Architecture Drift

in Real-Time.

Bionic allows teams to detect any new API, data flow, connection, and change within your apps to ensure architectural standards are enforced and security posture is properly managed.

Architecture Drift Map Example

Verify all Application Architecture Dependencies

Developers and engineering teams are deploying to production on-demand, sometimes going against architecture standards and design.

What Changed in Your Applications?

Unless you are continuously scanning your code base and creating a complete map of application architecture, you are relying on tribal knowledge and docs to see what changes in apps over time.

Reduce Drift = Reduce Risk

Bionic continuously reverse engineers application artifacts and provide teams with immediate visibility into behavioral and structural changes in its application architecture.

Baseline Application Architecture Design

The initial scan of your environment creates a baseline of your application architecture giving you a real-time view of your applications in production.

Drift Violations Dashboard

Detect Application Architecture Drift in Real-Time

After every code change in your environment, Bionic automatically scans the application artifacts and documents the changes. Any behavioral or structural change is flagged as drift instantaneously.

Understand What Drifted

When change occurs in the application, Bionic highlights where drift occurs, provides context to those changes, and determines what impact it has on security and compliance. This helps you prioritize which security and compliance risks to focus on remediating.

What Makes Bionic Different


Bionic plugs into your CI/CD pipelines and collects all of your application artifacts, but never performs analysis in your environment, limiting the load on your system and providing results in minutes.



Bionic scans all of the application artifacts and does not rely on user activity, so it provides you with a holistic application architecture diagram of all services, data flows, dependencies, and APIs. 


Bionic is simple to setup and simple to use. With only a 5-minute install, Bionic can hook into your current security and development processes to provide you with visibility you don’t have today.


Bionic is passive and runs each time a code change is made, providing you with automated and continuous application visibility.

Enforce Architectural Standards with Bionic