Enforce Resilient Architectural Standards at Scale

Bionic maps application services and dependencies so you can better understand the impact of changes in production.

Don't Rely on Out-of-Date CMDBs & Application Documentation

Bionic discovers application services, dependencies, and APIs so that you have an up-to-date record of your application ecosystem.

Discover and Map Application Architecture

Agentless discovery of all application assets, including APIs dependencies, and data flows

Visualize representation of application architecture

Identify weaknesses and single points of failure (SPOFs) in your application architecture

Single Point of Failure

Measure Risk & Perform Effective Impact Analysis

Classify the context and meaning of application data flows and dependencies

Consolidate application risk with additional signals from existing cloud, asset management, and application security tools

Evaluate every code change for risk implications and gain visibility to changes and drift

Enforce Resilient Architectural Standards

Establish resiliency policies that provide a baseline for disaster recovery and obsolescence planning

Communicate findings to developer teams effectively and govern application resiliency at scale

How Bionic Works

Bionic uses an agentless process to integrate through standard APIs and queries your application runtime environments. Click each section to learn more about how Bionic works.

See Bionic in action

See the Bionic Application Security Posture Management Platform in action, live with a Bionic expert.