The System of Record for Cloud Applications

Bionic agentlessly maps your cloud applications, services, APIs, dependencies, and data flows, integrates, and automatically updates your CMDB to become the system of record for your cloud applications.

Get Rid of Out-of-Date
Documentation and CMDBs

Bionic auto-discovers, maps, and catalogs all application dependencies so teams have a real-time and accurate view of their cloud applications and dependencies.

Real-Time Map of Your Cloud Applications

See every service, API, serverless function, data flow, and dependency

See every cloud provider, region, and zone

See every 3rd party API and service call

cloud region and availability zones

Visualize Application Dependencies Across Clouds, Regions, and Zones

Real-time code-accurate architecture map of an application in just one hour

Visualize and document cross-regional communication of application data flows

Classify the context and meaning of application data flows and dependencies

Up-to-Date Application Inventory & Service Catalog

Inventory and manage all application dependencies (services, APIs, endpoints)

Keep your CMDB accurate with the Bionic ServiceNow Integration

application inventory

How Bionic Works

Bionic uses an agentless process to integrate through standard APIs and queries your application runtime environments. Click each section to learn more about how Bionic works.

See Bionic in action

See the Bionic Application Security Posture Management Platform in action, live with a Bionic expert.

CrowdStrike Bionic

Have you heard the news?

Bionic to be acquired by CrowdStrike to provide the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security platform. Together, we are creating the industry-defining cloud security platform, fully integrated from code to runtime.