Discover and Catalog All APIs in Production

Bionic agentlessly discovers, maps, catalogs, and secures all application APIs within an organization's application portfolio.

Agent-Based Solutions Provide Limited Visibility into Your APIs

Bionic agentlessly discovers, maps, and catalogs all potential API calls, without needing to scan network traffic.

Discover and Catalog All Application APIs and Downstream Dependencies

Analyze all application APIs without installing agents

Visualize all application APIs, dependencies, and attack surfaces

See every 3rd party API and service call

APIs & Interfaces

Build Complex API Data Flow Diagrams in Real-Time

Get a real-time, code-accurate architecture map of an application in just one hour

Visualize and document cross-regional communication of application data flows and APIs

Use data classification to provide context to all API calls and downstream dependencies

Automate API Risk Scoring with Business Context

Query your application ecosystem to find security risk that is specific to your application APIs

Define, apply and govern risk policies to APIs based on industry standards

Score, rank, and prioritize the risk of APIs based on environmental scenarios

API Risk Scoring

How Bionic Works

Bionic uses an agentless process to integrate through standard APIs and queries your application runtime environments. Click each section to learn more about how Bionic works.

See Bionic in action

See the Bionic Application Security Posture Management Platform in action, live with a Bionic expert.