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Secure & Resilient.

Welcome to Application Security Posture Management.

Bionic ASPM

Secure Every

App, API, & Data Flow

Without installing a single agent.

ASPM Pioneers

2021 Gartner DevSecOps Cool Vendor

Bionic - Cool Vendor for DevSecOps

Bionic ASPM Integrates in Mins Thru Cloud APIs

100% Agentless

Real-Time Application Architecture Maps

See every service, API, library, dependency, data flow, and more after every code change.

Think of it as a real-time architecture diagram or mind map.

Application Map
pii data flow

Sensitive Data Flows

Know which applications consume PII, PCI, or PHI data in your environments across all cloud regions and zones.

Govern your GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Contextualize Threats

See how every vulnerability and risk impacts your application and business.


Detect and Govern Architecture Drift

Know every time your application architecture, dependencies, and security posture changes.

Baseline and apply drift prevention polices to your apps.

Eliminate Noise with Business Risk Scoring

Score all risks by their potential impact and ability to be exploited.

Automate DevSecOps Workflows

Auto-create tickets in JIRA or ServiceNow to action critical risks in seconds, or push notifications to Slack or email.

Bionic Risks come with detailed explanations and context so everyone can see the what, where, and why.

Effectively Manage Your Application Security Posture

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the application security world.

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