Manage application risk, not vulnerabilities

Bionic gives you a full picture of your application risk with context beyond a CVSS score.

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Visualize and secure your applications while reducing noise

Bionic eliminates 95% of the vulnerability noise and tells you the top business-critical risks that can be exploited in your applications in production.

Discover what’s really in your applications

Bionic shows you every application service, database, third party, API, and data flow across every cloud service provider, region, and zone.

clouds regions of applications

Contextualize your application view

Bionic ingests, correlates, and normalizes signals from other application and cloud security tools to reduce vulnerability alerts and noise by up to 95%.

Prioritize risk based on business impact

Bionic calculates risk by analyzing impact, severity, environmental factors, and connections to sensitive data, giving you a clear list of what to fix first.

How Bionic Works

Bionic uses an agentless process to integrate through standard APIs and queries your application runtime environments. Click each section to learn more about how Bionic works.

Join us in transforming the application security world.

Be part of our amazing team of passionate problem solvers helping enterprises around the world understand and secure their applications.​

CrowdStrike Bionic

Have you heard the news?

Bionic to be acquired by CrowdStrike to provide the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security platform. Together, we are creating the industry-defining cloud security platform, fully integrated from code to runtime.